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So, you’re a little overweight and balding, so your pudgy beer belly sticks out further than your erect penis, so you think you ain’t sexy but you still hunger for to butty your face is some fine coed pussy – well, don’t give up because if Tony can get laid by a real mammoth-titted coed harlot like Tatiana, then so can your bald ass.  Just learn to munch muff as well as Toby does and the teenagers will be flocking to you. Actually, Tatiana asked to fuck Tony – seems some teenagers like the cute balding guys so don’t give up yet.

In this real homemade sex scene, Toby goes down on the cute coed redhead before fucking her with a glass dildo. He then lets the little cunt suck his little penis before he stuffs his penis as deep in her tight little cunt.  Watching her mammoth natural titties bounce as he fucks the cute coed redhead is a real fucking turn-on for me.  You can see the entire scene on Real Colorado Girls.

Maddy Marks Sucks Schlong

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Maddy had pissed her brother off pretty bad and he wanted retaliation – and what better way to get even with your sister than to make her give a sloppy head to the dirty old man next door? And that’s exactly what Maddy Marks sick fucking brother did to the naughty coed cunt when she drew little boners all over his guitar. You heard me right – Maddy Marks has a thing for little boners – the rooster kind…..  But since her brother had no real interest in boners – especially when they are drawn all over his guitar, he mad his sister suck cock – and he filmed the little bitch slobbering all over the his stiff cock.

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Maddy Sucks cock As Her Brother Films

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I Fuck My Neighbor’s Daughters

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Well sure I like being the neighborhood perv – it means I get to fuck the neighbor’s daughters. Of course. And since I’ve lived here forever, I know which teenagers are at least 18. In fact, I have all their birthdays in my scheduler. Well, since I’m absolutely sure that Violet Little is 18, I took her out to the titty bar one night. The hot young mom got all horny looking at the sexy strippers so I brought her place and fucked her HARD!

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Gwad I love the naughty teenagers next door! And naughty coeds that like to fuck old men are by far my favorite. And if they know how to suck cock as well as Violet it’s a whopping plus! But don’t despair – I filmed then entire fuck session and put it on the web so you can see the whole video on

Sex After Sports Competition

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They say that athletes should not fuck before competitions. And no matter how hard it is, the stud keeps to that rule but after competitions he fucks his short girlfriend to death. Luckily she is also crazy about him and about his sex hunger.

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The man fingers his girlfriend’s wet pussy and she sucks his schlong and when they finally cannot wait any longer, they fuck each other until they are totally satisfied. I bet these mischievous amateur girl next door teenagers would fuck even if they would be in danger of being caught – maybe that would make it more fun. Their lust will wash you away thanks to the full length amateur girl next door video.

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Kaydence Skye Scolds Her Brother During Sex

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Kaydence Skye is normally a real shy 18 year old but when her brother got too close while filming her while she was fucking she let him know. In reality, it was Kaydence’s fault that she was fucking the old man in the first place and her brother’s good luck that the guys at Bring Me Your Sister actually let brothers video their own sister fucking. Actually, the amateur smut model Kaydence had fucked herself into this smut shoot – seems the tattooed coed bimbo had fucked her brothers tattoo artist  for a little free ink and then dumped his ass as soon as her ink was done – problem was, her brother still had a few dozen hours  of undone work and his tattoo artist refused to finish it after his sister fucked him over.


Kaydence Skye Scolds Her Brother

Kaydence was new to smut and had a little trouble fitting the old man’s thick dick in her small shaved coed cunt – and at times you could see the pain on her face as her rammed his throbbing dick deep in her tight little cunt. Of course her brother had no problem with the little cunt getting properly grudge-fucked and if you ask me, I actually think her brother was turned on by watching his sister fuck.

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Kaydence Skye Has The first-rate coed Booty

You can see the entire scene of the coed bimbo Kaydence that her brother made of her fucking the old man at Bring Me Your Sister

Small Teen Cooder

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Fuck me! These two teenage lesbos are fucking hot! First let me say that I’m a “pussy” lover and I love shaved coochy. There is little in life sexier that watching a cute teen hussy munching the wet little coochy of her girlfriend. Real teen lesbo sex – not that fake shit the massive porno sites have but real coeds fucking!

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When Josie Joe and Jayda Garcia asked if they could stop by, I had no idea that they would end up fucking in front of my camera. I knew that liked each other but I wasn’t prepared for the muff diving session that ensued. Now both these coeds have cute little teen pussies but they also have two of he best asses I’ve ever had the privilege of filming. When these two coeds pump their firm asses in the air, I get an instant hard-on.

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As one of the few legitimate porno producers in Colorado, I get to choose the cutest teen and sexiest amateur girl next door1tm models for my porno productions. Josie and Jayda are terrific examples of the quality of the teen pussy that works for us. On my main site I have thousands of pictures and vids of these two teen sluts. Josie was one of the first models to ever work for Glass Mannequin Productions and Jayda has done more shoots than most of our models.

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Watching these teenage lesbos fuck is making me horny – I think I’ll say bye, get the lube out, log onto the members area of and watch the full-length video of these sexy teen sluts eating coochy!

Butterfly Haze Masturbating

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Butterfly Haze is the girl next door that loves pecker but when she has none, she’s more than creative enough to get herself off. In this video, she eventually gets a pecker to please her loins but she starts by masturbating in the afternoon sun in her bedroom. I think all teenagers like to play with their muffies and Butterfly really is no exception. Watching the cute brown haired teenager pull up her skirt and spread her cooder lips so she can rub on her swollen clit turns any man on and watching her slide her fingers deep in her little cunt is even funner. Butterfly has quiet orgasms so it’s a little hard to tell when she’s cumming, even when she’s masturbating, but if you watch closely you can see the beautiful teenager tighten her stomach muscles, hold her breath, roll her eyes back and semen quietly as she masturbates.  See the entire vid today at Glass today.

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Butterfly Haze Masturbating

Then watch Butterfly get on her knees and put her great round butt in the air and reach around and finger her pierced clit. Her great bootie-hole is so inviting as a few drops of wetness appear on her shaved pussy. Yes, this is a girl I thing every man would love to fuck. Visit Glass Mannequin to see this hard-bodied teenager finger fuck herself with her fingers and toys.

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Butterfly Haze Playing With Her Pussy

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Film Of Me Poking My Pecker In Violet’s Holes

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Now I don’t like to brag – but fucking Violet is FUN! I met Violet at the park across the street from my home. She was playing with her 19-month-old daughter in the park as I was pruning the roses in front of my home. As they were leaving the park, her daughter saw the pretty roses in front of my home and wanted one. Of course I gave this sexy young mom and her daughter a few of my roses – and invited her to stop by sometime without the baby.

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As things would have it, Violet is one horny young mom. After our first encounter, she became a regular at my home and we were soon making homemade sex movies as often as we could. Violet got pregnant young and missed a lot of chances to experiment sexually and she sure was doing her best to catch up.


The first time Violet saw my good-sized schlong, she got this real evil smile on her face and I knew I would be seeing a lot of her in the future. As we were fucking for the first time, I almost blew my wad as soon as my throbbing schlong slipped inside her tight teen vagina. Gritting my teeth – and thinking of chopped liver, I managed to hold out till she was properly fucked and had semen herself.


This homemade sex film is special because it documents the first time Violet let me try putting my schlong in her ass. She had never tried anal sex and wanted to real bad – problem was, with my good-sized schlong, and her tine frame (4?11? and 92 lbs), I was more likely to split her in two than she reckoned. You can see her entire valiant effort she made at having her first anal sex on


She did manage to take most of my schlong in her ass before deciding to fuck me proper. Her tight little mommy vagina squeezing on my throbbing schlong, I hammered her as hard as I could. This was perfect sex – jez, the teen is almost 30 years younger than me and she’s loving my old schlong in her teen vagina almost as much as I am.


If you like to fuck sexy teen moms, you should really check out all of the video clips that I’ve made of Violet over the past few months. And rest assured, this sexy young mom likes more than just schlong. She is just as prone to show up at my home with one of her girlfriends as she is to show up alone.


And yes – I gave the poor teen a facial in this real homemade sex vid. Check out the finale at

Fun With A Camera And Two Nasty Fucking Sisters

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These slutty sisters love cock and they like to share too ;-) . I have no idea how Kiri managed to to get Thena back after I ripped the little muffy up last time she was at my pad but one thing about these sisters, they like cock. And I like fucking sisters so we get along faultless!

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I still have no idea hoe Thena managed to hold the camera steady as she filmed me fucking her sister – but I was busy licking one sister’s muffy and fucking the other sister’s wet cunt. But just like last time I fucked Thena, she started complaining that it “hurt” – not that I gave a flying fuck, after all, she did wreck her sister’s hookah and it was my job to punish her.

Pretty sure Kiri has a slightly different outlook on the entire filming and fucking thing – I think it turned her on to get fucked as her sister watched – in fact, I fucked her once as her brother filmed it – she’s a sick little kitten if you ask me. But who the fuck am I to complain – it beats masturbating alone!

And as usual- ‘ll post the full-length girl next door films on my main site – these belong to the Bring Me Your Sister site so be sure to check it out. PapaGMP

Chastity Teases Cooder

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Chastity has never even thought about having sex with teen next door, let alone with her roommate Donna after all, she was not really cunt-muncher but the though was a little fascinating to her so one night things got a little out of control and the two of them found themselves experimenting like they’d never thought about doing cunt-muncher sex before! Donna had been having a hard time with her current boyfriend, it wasn’t that they didn’t get along but they just weren’t sexually compatible. One night Donna walked in to Chastity’s room and sat on her bed to talk to her about it.

As Donna started to tell Chastity all about how her boyfriends dick just didn’t seem to do the job, how he was really tiny and she felt badly but she just couldn’t get off, well Chastity started getting horny just thinking about Donna. Well Donna kept talking and Chastity started to ask her questions, like how petite was it and how did she know when it was in and the more detailed her questions the more detailed the answers and it was all Chastity could do not to rip her clothes off…but then she did something unexpected…she did. Chastity wanted to show Donna just how it should be done and she fingered that twat so good she just couldn’t take anymore!

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