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Stuff Your Cock In My Sister

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So you want to have a little fun with my sister? Well I can’t say that I blame you so come on over, I’ll grab a camera and shoot you putting your dick in my sister. It’s not that I don’t love my sister, I do, it’s just that the little cunt is always wrecking my stuff so I pimp her out to get my dough back. Lucky for you, the last guy I pimped my sister to let me shoot him fucking my sister and put the scenes up on I’ll share a few of them here – click on them and you get to see a few more free scenes of my sister stuffed with dick.

Put Your Cock In My Sister's Mouth

Put Your dick In My Sister’s Mouth

Ok – now that you are 100% sure that my sister is a dirty cocksucker, bend her over the couch and fuck her from behind. I’ll get below you and shoot your dick pounding my sister’s cooch. If I get the angle right, you will be able to see my sister’s pierced nipples swinging with every stroke and see sister glancing back at me – probably because she loves having me shoot her fucking – I think it turns her on.

Watch The Video Of My Sister Stuffed With Cock

Watch The scene Of My Sister Stuffed With Cock

Now throw her back on the couch and ram your dick deep in my sister’s tight little cunt. Watch her moan in pleasure – then sigh up for and download the full scene of my sister stuffed with dick.

My Sweet Slutty Sister Stuffed With Cock

My Sweet Slutty Sister Stuffed With Cock

If you enjoy watching my sister filled with dick, these free sister smut pics of my sister, download the entire scene I made of her – only at Bring Me Your Sister

Melons And Tattoos Come To Philly!

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Nicola – along with her excellent knockers and coochie tattoo – were outdoors on the pier on South Street in Philadelphia! I’m sure the fisherman had a faultless day that day. Watch out – us BurningAngels get nude everywhere and anywhere; our excellent knockers and coochie tattoos might be coming to a city near you next!


Amateur Girl Next Door1tm Teen Exposes Herself Outdoors

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I first met Jayda two weeks after her 18th birthday when she stopped by my home to pick up her girlfriend from from a photo set. We weren’t quite finished so she sat and watched I finished the amateur girl next door1tm photo set of her teenage girlfriend, Anistaija. This was Anistaija’s third photo set so she was starting to get comfortable buy Jayda was a little shocked to see her girlfriend with her legs spread wide open and exposed to the camera. Secretly I think it turned her on a bit. Jayda went on to explain that besides her two high school boyfriends, no one outside her family and a few girlfriends had ever seen her muffy. Now she had my attention…..  For some reason I get really turned on by a true amateur girl next door1tm coed and exposing them for the world to see is my life.

Amateur Teen JaydaGarcia Latina brunette outdoor gnd plts panties asshole coochie sfm booty

Amateur coed Picture

To make a long story small, Jayda was so intrigued watching Anistaija spread her coed coochy for the camera that she asked If she could come with her girlfriend on her next set. Of course I said yes and told her to bring her ID just in case – she giggled and said she might. Well as things turned out, she did show up again and did her first cunt-muncher set that night. Imagine how I felt watching her girlfriend eating her smooth coed  coochy as it was exposed to the world for the first time. These images were shot the next week in the mountains behind her home and were the very first time that this sexy amateur girl next door1tm exposed her little tits and tight coed coochy to the awesome outdoors.

Exposed Teen

Exposed Teen

It was also Jayda’s first real solo-teen photo set. I perched myself on an outcropping just up the hill from her and told her to have fun. The people on the highway below us could look up and see her perched bare on her rock and a few even honked but there was nowhere close to stop so all they got was a quick glimpse of her firm round ass and her perky coed tits. She was a little embarrassed at first just like most amateur girl next door1tm teens but she soon got over it and was spreading her ass cheeks and exposing her sweet coed cunt for the world to see.

Firm Teen Ass

Firm coed Ass

One of the reasons I chose Jayda for the header picture on this blog is because she exemplifies everything there is about amateur girl next door1tm teens. She’s shy, cute, bubbly and a tad bit misbehaving. She also smells good but you’ll have to take my word for that. Anyway, when I started this set, I had no idea that Jayda would get as misbehaving as she did – spreading her ass cheeks and fingering her coed coochy till she came in little uncontrollable spasms – her calve muscled quivering and a few drops of spunk dripping from her exposed coochy. I about shot my own load watching her masturbate – it was fuckin HOT!

Exposed Teen Pussy

Exposed coed Pussy

So, if you would like to see more of Jayda, you can check out all of her amateur girl next door1tm coed images and movies on my website Glass Mannequin and also be sure to bookmark this page because I’m sure I’ll be posting many more bare images of this sexy teenager.


Oh God – Oh God

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Real Colorado teenager Violet Little must be a very religious teenager – that or she thinks that the dirty old man standing behind her, hammering his fat boner deep in her itty bitty little cunt, is some sort of deity because the dwarf brown haired from Colorado Springs keeps crying out “Oh God, Oh God” as she has multiple orgasms from the incredible fucking the old man is delivering. Or maybe she thinks it’s only appropriate as she looks down from her perch in the tree above the beautiful natural formation know as “Garden Of The Gods”. I imagine the old man just thought he was in heaven as the two finished in one mammoth mutual orgasm. Now clean that sperm off your back teenager!

So – if you find yourself wandering through the Garden Of The Gods and you hear a beautiful voice singing “Oh God, Oh God”, It’s probably not angels – but the beautiful voice of a cute brown haired having multiple orgasms in the hills above you. Join Real Colorado Girls to download the full shoot.

Old Man Fucking Two Teenagers

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I always tell my friends that “it’s good to be me” and as I watch this ffm three-some with Angel Cakes, Gracelynn Moans and myself, I can’t hep but to say it aloud to myself…  It’s good to be me!  Another flawless thing about being me is I get to share these errant old-young videos with my friends. Imagine your on 50+ year old penis being slobbered on by these two beauties.Angel is more of the “timid” cocksucker, teasing the felatio and playing gently with my balls where Gracelynn gets right to business, stroking the length of your shaft as she works up and down on your fat penis in a rhythm that makes you long for to cover her tonsils in spunk.

Teenage Cocksuckers Fighting Over An Old Man's Cock

Teenage Cocksuckers Fighting Over An Old Man’s Cock

But in my book – blowjobs are foreplay for the real sex – sliding your fat penis slowly into the depths of a cute coeds cunt – then switching up and sliding it into the next errant coeds little shaved cunt – then back to the first.It’s a dream any man can live – just join Real Colorado Girls today and enjoy the experience.

Just Before Entering Gracelynn's Tight Teen Pussy

Just Before Entering Gracelynn’s Tight teenager Pussy

Of course – I’m the type that likes to share a few extra free photograph so here’s one of me fucking Gracelynn as the errant tattooed bimbo licks the wet little cunt of her girlfriend. What a view!

Fucking Two Teenagers - Angel Cakes and Gracelynn Moans

Fucking Two coeds – Angel Cakes and Gracelynn Moans

So get out your card, click on THIS LINK , and enjoy.

Cute Mexican Girl Teenager – Maria Marez

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Maria Marez is a super-cute 18-year-old Mexican Girl girl that got into smut when her brother first brought her to Bring Me Your Sister after she trashed his massage table – we fucked her while her brother filmed it but I guess having her brother just inches from her gorgeous coed muffin wasn’t all that disturbing because a few weeks later, she was back on my porch with her brother looking to pay him back for something else she fucked up of his. Now I’m pretty sure no red-blooded man would turn down this  top-notch piece of Latina muffin and I’m damn sure I’d never pass on a chance to fuck the cute teenage brunette, Maria Marez.

Maria Marez In Green Panties

Maria Marez In Green Panties

But you came here to see coeds sucking and fucking, not just showing off their underwear so here’s a clip-cap from the film her brother shot for Bring Me Your Sister,  of the athletic teenage girl  sucking my cock. Looking into her good-sized brown eyes, I had to hold back because I wanted to fuck the shit out of this tattooed and pierced sweetheart before blowing my wad. It was challenging, but I held back so I could feel my throbbing cock deep in her hot little muffin. See the free tour on  Bring Me Your Sister now.

Maria Marez Giving Me A Blowjob

Maria Marez Giving Me A Blowjob

Maria gives a pretty good blow job so I let her slobber all over my knob before peeling her bra and underwear off and stuffing my fat cock as deep as I could into her sweet coed muffin. I could tell that the little brown-skinned cum dumpster enjoyed the feeling of being filled with a fat cock, even if it hurt just a bit, so I fucked the little cum dumpster as hard as I could before blowing a monster load cream all over the camera her brother was holding.   See the free tour on  Bring Me Your Sister now or click on the images to see the free galleries.

Maria Marez Lets Her Brother Film Her Fucking

Maria Marez Lets Her Brother film Her Fucking Me

Maria did her first smut for Bring Me Your Sister and then went on to shoot for all three of my sites – join today and get full access to the other two for free.

Too Many Neighbor Coeds – Too Little Time

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OK – I’ve been remiss in posting to my blog so I’m going to d a little catchup. Since we filmed Kate Kelemen in her very first smut vid for Bring Me Your Sister this spring – I have fucked a few of my old favorites and a few of the new neighbor girls in Mr. Richard’s Neighborhood: Including the super hot Colorado teenager next door Thena Sky, her girlfriend Kaydence Skye. I also got the chance to do body sets with the super sexy and super petite Kyanna Raves and Piper Brady managed to piss her brother off enough that he showed up at my front door with her in tow.

Thena is an old friend and she still sneaks over to fuck me when her boyfriend is out of town. Since he was gone for a  few weeks, I took her to Las Vegas with we both took turns fucking Kaydence Skye. I took this picture of Thena and my camera guy right before I hammered her tight coed cunt. Did I mention I made her suck my pecker first? Then I bent her over and fucked her hard.

ThenaSky and my camera guy thenasky kyannaraves kaydenceskye piperbrady petite redhead braces athletic amateur teen brunette panties sisp xxxp plts pbts booty gnd

Thena Sky and my camera guy

Thena snapped this picture of the super sexy little coed redhead Kaydence Skye right after I got done fucking her. That’s her brother’s arm in the picture near the bottom. She keeps pissing her brother off and he’ll keep dragging her back to me to fuck – that’s what I’m hoping for anyway.  Kaydence has a prime coed body and her round little ass is so fun to spank while you’re forcing your monstrous pecker in her petite little cunt. You can see more of Kaydence on Bring Me Your Sister

Kaydence Skye after her 2nd hardcore shoot

Kaydence Skye after her 2nd hardcore shoot

After fucking Kyanna Raves for the first time on camera – I used her to give one of my buddies body shots! This cute little woman is brand new to smut but she sucks pecker like she’s been doing it her whole life. Welcome Kyanna to the neighborhood!

Kyanna Raves does a body shot

Kyanna Raves does a body shot

Piper Brady is another new teenager that just moved to the neighborhood. Like all sisters, Piper had pissed her brother off so he showed up at my door with her in tow. She had no idea when this picture was snapped that she would be fucking me before she left my residence. Piper has a cute smile, monstrous natural tits and a real nice coed booty.  I’ll have the vid of this 18 year old babe up on the site as soon as I get done jerking off to it.

Piper Brady and her brother at my front door

Piper Brady and her brother at my front door

So – I’m back – I’ll be posting here a little more regularly so be sure to bookmark and come back. In the mean time, check out my sites: Glass Mannequin Girls, Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me Your Sister

Casual Sex With Indica Young

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Sex with a coed you don’t know is never as good as sex with a friend and whenever my friend Indica Young decides to stop by I know I’m going to have some perfect casual sex. First let me say, Indica knows how to suck a cock!  Initially we filmed this just for our own viewing pleasure but later we decided to share it with our fans on Real Colorado teens.

Cum Slut Indica Young Sucking My Cock indicayoung hym gnd teen amateur sbj oldny xxxp blonde petite bfc

Cum bimbo Indica Young Sucking My Cock

Click on the picture for the free gallery or join Real Colorado teens and start downloading all of Indica’s video clips now.

Brother Shoots Sister Fucking An Old Man

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I Film My Sister Fucking CheyenneWinters brunette tits xxxp sisp gnd tattooed oldnyI really pissed my brother off when I trashed his guitar but for him to hire me out for a porn was a bit too much! It wouldn’t have been so bad fucking the old bastard on video but my pervert for a brother had to stay while I was getting fucked – the little penis-sucker even filmed it.

My brother and I never really got along – he’s always telling on me, claiming I stole something from him or blaming me fore something I didn’t do. Well this time, I got caught red-handed! I was fucking around and I trashed his new guitar – he had a friend that can read (my brother’s a dumb fuck) and his friend saw some add in the paper for a way to exact a little payback on your sister. Anyway, my brother’s friend talked him into dragging my butt over to this Papa guy’s place so I could earn a few coin to pay him back. That little fucker didn’t even tell me I was going to have to fuck the old guy!

When we got there, this old pervert answered the door and explained to me how I was to earn the cash to pay for my brother’s guitar – I was supposed to fuck him as my brother filmed it. Now, my little brother is a fucking pervert but where does he get off watching (and filming) his sister fuck? Fucking little prevert probably got off watching his little sister take that old man’s king-sized penis! The old man was nice enough – shit he should e – he got to stick his hard old penis in my tight coed muffin and fuck me till I shuddered and climaxed. He then shot a load of hot semen all over my belly – but not without shooting a good portion of his semen in my little coed muffin – the fucker called it a “coed creampie” and rubbed it in with his finger.

So I guess I’m a smut star now – LOL. Maybe I’ll go back and fuck the old bastard again – this time, with out my brother – after all, a sister has to have her fun too.

Cheyenne Winters