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Maxi Booty Outdoor Sex

Maxi Booty had been longing for some cock for a few days and when she got the chance to go for a walk in the woods with a friend she jumped on it. Of course, Maxi loves to suck cock so she started by deep-throating the older man’s fat cock to get things started. Now one of the first things you notice about this Real Colorado Girl is her substantial smile – and trust me, if you have a fat cock, this cute Colorado girl can get it all the way down her throat.

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Of course, most guys long for more than just a bj and Richard Nailder is no different so he was soon fingering Maxi’s shaved and soaking wet fat pussy as she moaned in pleasure from the sensation of the older man’s working her clitoris and then her g-spot. Seeing the sexy hard-bodied coed as she arches her back and moans in pleasure as she reaches her first orgasm is enough for most men to shot a load of spunk all over her flawless coed milk cans but Richard wanted to feel his throbbing cock sliding deep in her already wet little cunt.

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Of course, being the environmentally safe person that he is, Richard Nailder didn’t long for to leave his sperm in the woods so after fucking Maxi for a good bit, the old pervert reached around and started playing with the cute coed’s fat clitoris. He soon felt her pussy walls contracting on his throbbing cock as she climaxed for the third time. Thrusting a few times more, he shot a huge load of hot sticky sperm deep in her tight coed pussy giving her a wet and sticky creampie in the woods near South Park Colorado – something all Real Colorado Girls love – LOL.

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Richard Nailder Cums In Maxi Booty

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